Universal Analytics

Insights your business needs!
Google Analytics is the gold standard of website measurement and reporting, used by business of all sizes to measure advertising ROI as well as track email, video, social networking sites and applications.

With the recent introduction of Google Analytics Premium and Universal Analytics, Google has taken analytics beyond what even the largest enterprise level analytics companies can provide.

Google Analytics is available in two versions, each offering specific functionality and support to meet your unique marketing and analysis needs.

  • Google Analytics Standard Edition - Free version of Google Analytics with enterprise class features.
  • Google Analytics Premium Edition - Paid version of Google Analytics with advanced analysis, performance enhancements and dedicated support.
Google Analytics Services

As data becomes easier to extract, how do you know you're getting the data you need to help you and your team make the best decisions for your business? And with all that data, how can you get it in a format that fast, easy to digest and even easier to act upon? Plus, how do you ensure the data you’re getting meets the business goals of each member of your organization? The simple act of “getting” data from analytics is no longer the end point.

In today’s fast paced multi-channel world, receiving data is just the beginning.

Following is brief explanation of the Google Analytics Services that we provide:
Audit & Strategy

Too often data is reporting through Google Analytics, but it’s not complete. As code is added or updated, and sites grow, it’s critical to make sure that the Google Analytics code implemented is reporting accurately.

Google Analytics has made incredible advancements over the past 12-18 months. Be confident that an audit by BrandMedia will ensure that you’re getting the most from Google Analytics, saving your team time and effort by creating custom reports and dashboards that eliminate the need for repetitive work.

Our audit includes:
  • Business strategy alignment with measurement strategy / outcomes
  • Segmentation requirements
  • Current analytics implementation
  • Configuration and data collection gaps
  • Deployment to ensure best practices are implemented
  • Marketing, traffic channels & attribution to ensure proper segmentation
  • Mobile and social measurement
  • Code version and feature adoption to take advantage of the latest and greatest functionality

BrandMedia uses a proven time-tested Google Analytics Implementation Methodology which successfully serves many of the world’s top brands and organizations serious about optimization and analytics.

We’ll make sure you’re using the Google Analytics platform to its highest potential. So it becomes a benefit to you, as you’re tracking and analysing relevant metrics, not confusing data.

Training & Support

BrandMedia has devoted many years to providing leading businesses and organizations with the analytics information they need to grow and succeed. We do this by not only establishing a successful analytics platform for those we work with, but also by providing customized training to key players within each organization.

At BrandMedia, we offer role-based and customized in-house training to meet the needs of your team. Don't waste your time attending training at some off-site location in a room with dozen of participants. Let us walk you through the analytics process step-by-step at your own pace. This ensures all your questions and concerns are answered, and get you understanding the process and analysing data sooner.

Consulting & Business Analytics

Engage our analytics and marketing consultants to solve your challenges. We will align business objectives with the proper measurement strategy that supports short and long-term goals. We will work closely with you to establish a data-driven decision-making process to support your team in making relevant, impactful choices which positively influence the bottom-line.

We ensure you have the right data, properly segmented with relevant insights for action and business impact.

Migration to Google Analytics

Hundreds of organizations across the globe have migrated to Google Analytics with the help of BrandMedia’s knowledgeable team. You too can follow suit and see results!

Whether you are planning to the migrate to the Google Analytics platform, or you want run it to as a primary or secondary analytics platform, our trained consultants will develop the analytics migration plan including analytics needs assessment, metric definition, reporting needs and data and process consistency and training to maximize the adoption of Google Analytics within your organization.

Advanced and Custom Solution Integration

Have a challenging analytics issue? Let the analytics experts and marketing consultants at BrandMedia solve your dilemma by either creating a custom solution or by providing advanced integration system that fits your needs. We've worked on some of the world busiest sites to architect and implement custom solutions including third party e-Commerce integration, advanced user segmentation, content categorization and grouping, behavioural targeting, flash, video and multimedia, mobile and social, CRM and marketing automation.

So bring on the challenge! The staff at BrandMedia is ready for the opportunity to resolve your any analytics obstacle you may have.

Google Analytics Premium

Your organization loves Google Analytics, but you need more; more processing power, faster reporting and increased data limits. Now you can get all this while utilizing the same platform you’re already familiar with.

Introducing Google Analytics Premium. Go beyond Google Analytics with an expert in the field who can take your analytics to the next level. BrandMedia provide Google Analytics to enterprises worldwide. We have partnered with Google on a number of their marketing platforms.

Let us provide you with both our knowledge and expertise of the working with the Google platform, as well as the resources of Google Analytics Premium’s expanded tools, additional processing power and reporting at a larger scale, all while staying on the same interface you're accustomed to.